Remember Allah when Home, Near, and Far

{O you who believe,

remember Allah with

frequent remembrance.}

Al-Qur’an, Surah al-Ahzab 33:41


obey allah

How do we bring Allah near?


We cannot directly experience Allah through our sense organs.


Instead we can seek reminders of Him through engagement with His signs. And we can enjoy evidences of those signs visually, aurally, aromatically, etc. But importantly, we also stimulate ourselves to speak of Him to our hearts, minds, souls, as well as sense organs, by uttering His name often.


This rhyme encourages frequent remembrance of Allah.


Home, Near, and Far

(Sing to the tune of Ride a Cockhorse to Banbury Cross)


Home, near, and far, wherever you are,

obey the commandments sent down from Allah,

and act like you see Him in all that you do;

although you can’t view Him, He witnesses you.


Morn, noon, and night, He’s out of your sight,

yet any time’s brightened because of His Light,

when darkness descends, and your thoughts become dim,

remember His name so you’re nearer to Him.


© 2018 Elizabeth Lymer


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REMEMBER ALLAH ALWAYS! Home, near, and far, let’s remember Allah!

remember allah

18 thoughts on “Remember Allah when Home, Near, and Far

  1. Hafsa says:

    This is so lovely mA- love all your rhymes! This is so relatable to us (we live in Saudi) and go back to England each summer and would be a lovely reminder for my girls 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Lymer says:

      🙂 Alhamdulillah, I find that sometimes returning to familiar places once in a while is a great way to remember Allah in His constancy and the way He facilitates continual change. May Allah ever and always be returning your girls to remembrance of Him, wherever they venture, ameen.

  2. Iman Said says:

    This is beautiful Elizabeth jazakAllahu khayran for sharing – we love our copy of Angels and Rainbows – it’s one of those books I’m hoping to keep safe for my children to eventually read to theirs.

  3. Christal Joan says:

    Masha Allah. This part really resonated with me “We cannot directly experience Allah through our sense organs. Instead we can seek reminders of Him through engagement with His signs.” We so often forget this especially in everyday mundane life

  4. Farhana Sharmeen says:

    Wherever you are, remember Allah”- thank you for this reminder, Elizabeth. I love your posts, they stand out for their contents that connects you to Allah(swt).

  5. Jamila Jones says:

    Jazakallah Khair for this reminder, we sometimes forget that Allah is so near to us. We should constantly remember that he is with us. He knows everything we do, we cannot hide, no matter where we go. He sees all, the All-Knowing. I like to reflect on life experiences and situations around me which reminds me Allah is always watching. For example, I always become more aware of my actions while out driving when I see a police car coming near then relax when they pass. Why? when I should be more aware of the Angels writing down my every action.

  6. lubnakarim06 says:

    My mo always use to say this when we were kids…Allah watches us every time and so be kind and never do bad….thank you for this reminder….If we carry this in our hearts and mind…InshaAllah we may grow up to a good human being…

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