One Two Twenty

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Is it Ramadan tomorrow? Alhamdulillah, the more concepts children grasp, the more questions they can ask. Often, I notice youngsters wanting to count down to an event. And it can be fun, subhanAllah. However, let’s also enjoy counting up, remembering that Allah will weigh our accumulating deeds. Let’s hope and strive for numerous good ones. One, two, three … up to twenty … and then beyond.

This spoken rhyme is about performing wudu’ and then going to the woods to make salat to Allah, including repentance, supplication, and praise.

One, Two, Make My Wudu’

(One, Two, Buckle My Shoe)

One, two, make my wudu’;

three, four, set off outdoor;

five, six, move away sticks;

seven, eight, set my mat straight;

nine, ten, salat time again;

eleven, twelve, in my heart delve;

thirteen, fourteen, repent who I’ve been;

fifteen, sixteen, ask to be clean;

seventeen, eighteen, strengthen my deen;

nineteen, twenty, thank Allah plenty.

© 2018 Elizabeth Lymer


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PRAISE ALLAH, the Generous, ALWAYS: When we perform one good deed, Allah multiplies our reward. Two times? Twenty times? From ten times up to seven hundred times or more.

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