Marwah Grows Bee Friendly Flowers

Over the past few years my children and I have intended and attempted to nurture flowers to provide nectar for bees. Alhamdulillah, we have seen limited short term successes and witnessed some bees near our home. Insha’Allah, this year however we want to do better and yield more beautiful bee friendly results.

And, as each day passes, the bees need us to do better.

Alhamdulillah, I wrote ‘Marwah Grows’ to encourage us all to sow, plant, and look after flowers. Also, I wrote it to help us resist picking and bringing flowers indoors where bees cannot access them.


Marwah Grows, Marwah Grows Food from Plots

(Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake Baker’s Man)


Marwah grows, Marwah grows food in plots,

small beds, and big bags, old boots, and pots,

in every season, he crops fill her plate –

thanks to Allah, her fresh produce tastes great.


Marwah grows, Marwah grows food to eat:

cabbage, tomato, onion, buckwheat,

also bright flowers for nectar bees need –

thanks to Allah, bees help plants to make seed.


Marwah grows, Marwah grows food from seed.

Marwah grows flowers for bees she needs.

Marwah grows worried the bees will get sick.

For Allah, help her: plant flowers; don’t pick.


© 2018 Elizabeth Lymer


Pollination – Why Are Bees So Important?

Allah named the sixteenth chapter of the Qur’an ‘the bee’, so bees must be worthy of serious reflection, subhanAllah.

Plants are pollinated either by wind (angels drive the wind) or by bees.

Some of my favourite foods are pollinated by bees. If bees can’t pollinate them, they can’t bear fruit. The list of plants pollinated by bees is long. For example, it includes apples, plums, mangoes, strawberries, and apricots. Also, carrots, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes. And hazelnut, cocoa, coriander, and coffee. I wear a lot of cotton. That needs bees too.

It is not simply a lack of flowers that is harming the bees. Large scale use of harmful pesticides by huge companies has caused a massive problem, in particular neoneonicotinoids have been shown to cause serious danger to bees.

But let’s focus on small, simple solutions we can make real. Insha’Allah let’s plant flowers, and resist picking them, so bees can benefit.

Sing Along, Actions, and Other Links

CLICK HERE > View Marwah Grows on YouTube

ACTION > Can you grow a flower, and keep it outside where bees can drink nectar from it? Perhaps on a window ledge, in a hanging basket, upon a balcony, or in a garden?

ACTION > Can you recycle/upcycle an old container as a plant pot?

ACTION > If you volunteer time, assistance, or social media publicity for your local garden centre, might they trade this for seeds and compost?

ACTION > After researching which flowers best suit your local soil and which flowers attract pollinator-bees, can you grow some and encourage others to grow them too?

PRAISE ALWAYS! Alhamdulillah for beneficial provisions.

May Allah grant us success in growing bee friendly flowers and in all the beautiful actions we perform for His pleasure, ameen.


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