With Hardship Comes Ease

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that with hardship comes ease.


The Soothing / The Relief, 94:5–6


{So, surely with hardship comes ease.

Surely with ˹that˺ hardship comes ˹more˺ ease.}



{So surely with difficulty comes ease,

Surely with difficulty comes ease.}



{So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.}



Alhamdulillah, I often feel pepped up when I remember and am thankful for the certain reality that ease comes with hardship. Inspired, I wrote the following song. When I sing it or listen to it, it provokes me to smile and be thankful, alhamdulillah. So, the song is as much for mothers as it is for children (perhaps, age eight and nine) who are in their early years of experiencing the contrast between Allah’s Mercy and His trials that return us to His Mercy. SubhanAllah, Allah is an awesome Creator and the best of designers.


With Hardship Comes Ease

(Sing to the tune of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep)
© Elizabeth Lymer 2018



Bad, bad trials test and tire you.
Good days, good nights soothe you through.
Offer your thanks and raise up your pleas:
with hardship comes ease, indeed, with hardship comes ease‘.
Great, great burdens guide you back to God.
Well days, warm nights make you awed.
Reach out in words and smile so He sees:
with hardship comes ease, indeed, with hardship comes ease‘.
Kind, kind mercies move you into prayer.
All days, all nights Allah’s there.
Offer your thanks and raise up your pleas:
with hardship comes ease, indeed, with hardship comes ease‘.


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PRAISE ALWAYS! Alhamdulillah for ease with hardship.

with hardship comes ease

11 thoughts on “With Hardship Comes Ease

  1. Hafsa says:

    Really enjoyed this rhyme! I’m playing it out loud to my girls, they come running to the laptop – they recognised the tune! But what a lovely deep reminder to have faith – jzkAllah Khayr

  2. NM (@nmdiariesx) says:

    “With hardship comes ease” These words have gotten me through some of the most toughest chapters of my life. Once i leave my affairs to Allaah & remind myself that I would not be given any pain more than I can bare!

    1. Elizabeth Lymer says:

      Masha’Allah. Yes, I relate. When I have felt like I am close to my limit, I have gained enormous calm by remembering to trust that ease is promised. I have often hoped it will come soon. But thanking Allah for His ease has helped me be patient. I marvel at how Allah shows us how much stronger we are than we often expect, alhamdulillah.

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