Islamic nursery rhymes

Masha’Allah, a supportive post and an excellent summary of the beneficial content of ‘Islamic Nursery Rhymes’. Jazakillahkhayr Sister!

Converted Muslim ~ French Mum in U.K.

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I start all post apologising if my English is not perfect but I’m French living in UK for a year and a half.

I’m going to talk about nursery rhymes.

When I was pregnant I start thinking, what can I sing for my baby? Because baby like rhymes and it’s the way they start focus on voices and words.

I’m not a big fan of French rhymes and I wanted to introduce Islamic values since birth with them.

So I started looking on Internet and I made a pretty nice discovery!

Elizabeth Lymer.

First I heard the songs on YouTubeand I bought the book straight away!

The good thing is when you are French and don’t know any of English rhymes the YouTube video is a great help to learn how to sing them!

under each rhymes it’s written the tune

Plus I like…

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