Spiritual joy in singing remembrances of our Creator 🙂

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NRBannerSmallDespite cultural, ethnic, or religious differences, I think it can be stated that most children love to sing. Whether it be the alphabet song, songs that they hear during a favorite TV show, or songs learned from family members, more often than not, you can likely catch a child in song at any given moment of the day. Is it that children are inherently more musical than adults? I don’t know, but hearing a child in song almost always brings a smile to my face.

The Quran mentions singing several times and states in Chapter 20 Verse 130:

Therefore be patient with what they say, and celebrate (constantly) the praises of thy Lord, before the rising of the sun, and before its setting; yea, celebrate them for part of the hours of the night, and at the sides of the day: that thou may have (spiritual) joy.

Spiritual joy. ‘Nough said…

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