Islamic Nursery Rhymes Album

Last year, my Ramadan was a blessing, alhamdulillah, but this year I am sincerely hoping for more connection with Allah SWT insha’Allah. And, insha’Allah, I think children’s audios are going to help me….

Feel that Allahs there cloud pic with engaging all the family Ramadan text on blue MP

Looking for nursery rhymes for children to develop pre-literacy skills and other skills, and engage with timeless Islamic meaning?

The Muslims Round the World MP SQUARE

Interested in a fun way to facilitate young Muslim children to remember to ask Allah to grant peace upon Muhammad SAW?

Blue I heart M SAW with text SQUARE MP

Trying to help toddlers and youngsters with interactive activities which can lead easily into performing acts of worship like making wudu’ and salah, reading Al-Qur’an, valuing family, and following the Sunnah?

Wudu with text SQUARE MP

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Nursery Rhymes is back in print thanks to Mindworks Publishing!

Helpful Hannah looking inside the Quran SQUARE MP

Alhamdulillah, the collection is also available as a voice-only mp3 from Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many other places.

You can access a free mp3 of three Islamic Nursery Rhymes here 🙂

Please share this Islamic Nursery Rhymes blog and your favourite links to the new album. Thank you for your support. JazakAllahkhayr.

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