Upcoming children’s book titles from Mindworks

Alhamdulillah, not long until ‘Islamic Nursery Rhymes’ is available and we may even be bringing the launch date closer insha’Allah!
I am looking forward to ‘A Qur’aanic Odyssey’ too insha’Allah!

Mindworks Publishing

As you know, Mindworks Publishing is taking the year off from accepting new submissions so that we can get all of our ducks in a row, inshaa’Allah, but we have endeavored to re-print two titles that were previously published by Greenbird Books. We were sad to see Greenbird Books close its doors after having published so many wonderful works, and although we wish we could have offered to re-print all of them, we were only able to re-print two.QOBookCover

The first re-print will be of A Quranic Odyssesy written by Umm Muhemmed. This edition will include illustrations by Sister Azra Momin and follows the publication of the sequel, Ya Seen: a hifdh journey in America, also written by Umm Muhemmed and published by Mindworks. A Quranic Odyssey will launch at the end of March on the 25th, inshaa’Allah.

Our second re-print is written by Elizabeth Lymer and is entitled

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