Ramadan Rhymes

Last week’s little collection of ‘sorry’ rhymes included one from my Ramadan Rhymes collection.

Alhamdulillah I have improved my Ramadan Rhymes colouring sheets and have made them freely available in an attachment to the first email sent to subscribers to my newsletter. Please click here to subscribe.

RR Eid is here

I love colouring pages because they facilitate children to colour their world as they please and they facilitate children to interact with their subjects for long enough to prompt questions and reflections. These pages provide fun talking points about various aspects of Ramadan, for example fasting, praying, repenting, performing good deeds, and celebrating sighting the moon.

Muslim Muslimscreenshot

Singing or listening to rhymes whilst colouring can be a calming activity, increasingly so as the rhymes are familiarised. These colouring sheets are a great resource for wet days or tired afternoons when children are building with excitement about Ramadan.

Hicham screenshot

Of course the rhymes can be spoken rather than sung; the above rhyme is a spoken rhyme and is a personal favourite because it is named after the first person to lead me in salah – a student who invited me to watch salah performed and then invited me to return the following day as a participant alhamdulillah.



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